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Commute Time

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed each job I have taken has been getting closer and closer to where I live.

My first job at Scotiabank required me to commute all the way downtown during winter. If you live near or around Leslie St, you may know how infrequently that bus comes. Potentially, this commute could take well over an hour in bad weather conditions.

Next, was Quest Software. Still downtown, but I took up this position in the summer, when everything generally moved quicker. I was looking at about a 45min commute.

Getting to BC Transmission in Vancouver took me an average of 30min door to door. This worked out great, giving me much more time to enjoy the beautiful west coast summer.

To get to Research In Motion, it takes me 10 minutes flat from my bed to my chair. Walking. Over the course of a week, this saves me almost 10 hours travel time versus commuting downtown in Toronto. Having this extra free time is extremely convenient. It takes out the stress, boredom, and general waste of time that is commuting.

This is a post for future Kevin: Live less than 30 min away from work.


Dangerously Low Levels of Love

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day! My favourite holiday to celebrate martyrdom and pay tribute to those who laid down their lives to counter the forces of evil. However, there are more important things behind Valentine’s Day than merely recreating the ceremonial cremation of Obi-Wan Kenobi and imitating the Burning Monk.

Valentine’s Day is also the holiday to assess the standard of love in your life.

There’s a very easy way to gauge the levels of ambient love in your local environment. The Valentine’s Catcher, is a sophisticated piece of technology which filters the air, capturing and collecting traces of love.

I constructed my Catcher early last week, and deployed the apparatus at work.

The results are in!

Among a raisin and several twisted paper clips lay a post-it note with “this is cute” inscribed in blue ink. This reveals a shockingly low level of ambient love in my place of employment. Very poor findings considering my device was collecting data over a span of five days.

Experts agree this signifies dangerously low levels of ambient love which may lead to disappointment and hurt. I will be writing a formal complaint to the facilities department later today.

I deplore you all to make your own Love Catchers and gauge your own ambient love levels. Take action before it’s too late.

Remember, you have the right to work in a safe and loving environment.

Persistance and Apples

Everyday for the past week, I’ve been coercing my co-worker to eat an entire apple; the skin, the stem, the core – everything.

Well… today he did it.
Lesson learned: persistence pays off.