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Aoki In The House

aoki ticket

Two days after Steve Aoki’s concert at Starlight, I’ve finally recovered. I have full hearing in both ears again, and am mentally functional at work. The concert was epic, to say the least… Although I wish I could say the same about the crowd. There were a surprising number bleach blonde girls in stilettos and short skirts moshing with their hollister wearing boyfriends… Then again, the venue was close to Wilfred Laurier, and I doubt Waterloo is known for their hipster scene.

Before the show started, I downed a couple of watered down drinks, and managed to grab a limited edition LEGENDARY BOYS NOIZE SKULL TEE

I have Aoki’s album, and have heard a lot of his work on air, but seeing him live was out of this world. After working my way onto the sound stage, slipping past the velvet rope and bouncers, I saw the magic from Aoki’s perspective. The crowds, the endless bottles of grey goose, the energy. I don’t think DJs usually chug half a bottle of vodka before diving into the crowd. I found a clip from Celebrities Nightclub, Vancouver.

His next Toronto stop is April 9, 2009 along with MSTRKRFT, Crookers, and The Bloody Beetroots at The Guvernment. Definitely worth seeing again.

Heads up, Daft Punk in 2010.



Random Tweets

I’ve got a few things lined up for today.

  1. Steve Aoki Concert @ Starlight
  2. PDEng group assignment is due
  3. My package from Amazon is supposed to come in today. (It should have been here last Friday.)

I don’t have a twitter account, but if I did, today would probably have the following tweets:

8:50    Slept through my alarm clock =[

9:15     It’s freaking cold outside…


10:30  WTF my shipment from Amazon still isn’t here

11:00  I’m hungry

12:00  I probably shouldn’t have eaten my lunch at 11… Now I have nothing to do.


2:00   2pm – 3pm is the worst part of a work day… It’s right after lunch, and you don’t feel productive at all

2:05    lalalalala

2:20    Round trip to vancouver is only $390 if I take two red-eyes!


2:31     F*** YOU AMAZON.

2:35     I wish Amazon would die.

2:40    Almost 3pm!

2:45     15 min until 3!

2:55     Why isn’t it 3 yet?

3:00    Only 2 hours ’till I get off work!

5:10     Napping – dnd till 7

7:30    My group better have submitted PDEng by now…

9:00    STEVE AOKI IN 60 MIN! Meeting up w/ Mel now, then heading to starlight.

10:15  Steve Aoki looks like a woman from far away…

12:15  I can’t find Mel…  Also, I can’t find my left shoe… I hope I can find my shoe…

1:45    Found my shoe!

2:30   Best. Night. Ever.

2:45   Going to sleep. I’m going to need 15 cups of coffee tomorrow.. ughh…

2:46   Where’s Melissa?