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Tofino –> Tofino

I’ve been in the talks with my friend Louie about doing a massive road around Canada and the US. The west coast checkpoint would be Tofino, BC, with stops in all the southern Canadian and northern US major cities and capitals. The entire trip will probably last about a month.

Of course, we haven’t really established anything yet… except a tentative date of summer, 2012… and we’ve started our massive road trip playlist. Knowing how we roll, we’ll be winging a lot of this trip, which we find adds to the excitement, and fun of everything.

Anyone else interested?

You would probably need:

  • G drivers license
  • Passport
  • A car would be nice
  • Up for doing about anything.. ANYTHING.
  • At least $1500- $2000 saved up for the trip.
  • GPS

If anyone has any input for stops and locations, let me know.