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Commute Time

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed each job I have taken has been getting closer and closer to where I live.

My first job at Scotiabank required me to commute all the way downtown during winter. If you live near or around Leslie St, you may know how infrequently that bus comes. Potentially, this commute could take well over an hour in bad weather conditions.

Next, was Quest Software. Still downtown, but I took up this position in the summer, when everything generally moved quicker. I was looking at about a 45min commute.

Getting to BC Transmission in Vancouver took me an average of 30min door to door. This worked out great, giving me much more time to enjoy the beautiful west coast summer.

To get to Research In Motion, it takes me 10 minutes flat from my bed to my chair. Walking. Over the course of a week, this saves me almost 10 hours travel time versus commuting downtown in Toronto. Having this extra free time is extremely convenient. It takes out the stress, boredom, and general waste of time that is commuting.

This is a post for future Kevin: Live less than 30 min away from work.


New Years Update

I’ve never been the one to make new years resolutions, but this year, I thought I really needed to make some changes to my lifestyle and get out of the depressing cycle Waterloo has trapped me in. Here’s a quick summary of my major goals for the year:

1. Limit my expenditures

Rationale: Many of you who know me also know of my friend, conspicuous consumption. I like buying things. I also like having the best of things. My visa bills have been flying in the $1000 – $1500 range for the past half a year and my savings were going down.

Progress: After about five weeks, I’ve managed to recoup my savings to what they were about half a year ago. This meant making a bunch of sacrifices, and living “less baller”… as well as leveraging many options of obtaining goods and services which I’ll write about some other time… hopefully.

2. Start blogging

Rationale: I say “start blogging” because I don’t think my previous attempts were actual blogs by any means of measure. I am so ashamed of these attempts, that not only have I taken them down, I’ve also deleted them, and switched blogging services to ensure I sever all ties with the past

Progress: Today is post one…

3. Read

Rationale: I haven’t read a book since junior high school that wasn’t required reading. There isn’t really a good rationale for this… I just really miss reading a book.

Progress: Two books: The Watchmen, and The Alchemist…. Both are a bit short… but that’s still more than I’ve read in the past ten years!

4. Sync my circadian rhythms to EST

Rationale: I was running on PST most of 2008. That worked well when I was in Vancouver, but for the other eight months I was in Waterloo, sleeping at 4 did NOT work well. I was always tired during the day, and my school work suffered in relation.

Progress: Sleeping between 12 – 2, waking up between 8:30 – 10:30. Usually getting 7 hours of sleep =)

5. Get my driver’s license

Rationale: It’s about time… Also, my G1 expires in a 1.5 years, and I don’t want to go through the whole procedure of getting that again.

Progress: Playing GRID on PS3… Well, at least it’s pretty realistic.

It’s been a decent start… in most areas.