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Oh Hallelujah, Our Problems are Solved. We have Banana Bread.

Last weekend, Melissa tried to domesticate me by attempting to teach me how to bake. Unfortunately for her, I quickly surpassed her culinary skills and, the padawan became the master.

We started off with Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

20090322-009It was pretty damn good… But being the lazy people we were, we spent the rest of the night watching TV.

For breakfast we made banana bread – the best bread since sliced bread. This is where I invented the most efficient way for mashing a banana.

Melissa bet I couldn’t crack an egg with one hand… pffft.

Tiger became really curious and/or needed attention, and decided he wanted to be apart of the team too.

20090322-038Instead, he became part of the bread.

20090322-0681Next we decided to make apple crumble… which also turned out damn delicious.


20090322-075Teddy approves.


At the end of the day… I’m almost Pro at Cooking.


KBBQ – The “K” Stands For “Kidney Failure”

After a 16 hour day at CUTC, the staff and I were ready to hit the sack to recharge for the next day. Then someone suggested the $8.99 late night special at Korean Grill House. Everyone was tired, but who could resist copious amounts of Korean barbecued meat? Certainly not I… and about 16 others.

After our late night snack, I mentioned to a friend how my nephrons were going to take a beating that night. My friend replied, “Yeah, you’re probably going to be pissing brown in the morning.” Since my friend is in medical school, I can safely assume “pissing brown” is, in fact, a technical term commonly used by doctors and medical professionals alike.

That got me wondering… how much meat is too much?

The average American requires 0.8 – 1.0 grams of protein for every kilogram they weigh. I weigh 63.6kg (140lbs) which works out to 50.9 – 63.6 grams of protein per day. Keep in mind this was calculated based on a sluggish life style. My recommend protein intake for an active lifestyle increases to 89g for endurance training, and 128g for resistance training.

A quick internet search reveals your primary meats (beef, chicken, pork) contain about 20 – 35g of protein per 100g. Okay… so I’m pretty sure I ate about 1.5kg of meat that day… if not more… Based on a conservative estimate of 25g of protein/100g, I would have consumed about 375 grams of protein that night… about 7x my recommended intake.


So what happens when you OD on protein?

  • You become easily tired, as protein takes a lot of your bodily resources to digest. This is what the Atkins diet is based on: attempting to make it harder for your body to access the  calories normally obtained from carbohydrates.
  • Your liver and kidneys are strained from breaking down extra protein into nitrogen. This may lead to kidney stones, and other related medical conditions.
  • Your intestines are made primarily for digesting starches. Traces of meat adhere to the lining of your intestines which over time may lead to appendicitis, colon cancer, etc. (This is why you need to eat fiber, which acts as roughage for your digestive system)
  • A lot more.

So am I dying?

Maybe. Most of these negative effects occur over an extended period of time. Of course, I’m pretty sure I consume more than the recommended daily intake of protein anyways… But I’m not a doctor – even if I was, I’d be too busy writing fancy medical journal articles such as “Pissing Brown and Other Colours That Shouldn’t Be Coming From Your Wang”


I’ll just detox with three meals of salad and fruit after each meal I pretend to be a man eating dinosaur.

Cooking to the MAX

It’s a commonly known fact that the dials on your stove correspond to the awesomeness of food you are preparing. Why anyone would cook on less than max (for maximum deliciousness) escapes me.

Unfortunately, commercially available cooking oils are extremely pussy and usually only allow for a cooking setting of 6 – 8. The smoke point of an oil is the temperature where the fatty acids begin to decompose, and smoke can be visibly seen. This is followed by the hilarious flash point of an oil where the fatty triglycerides gain the ability ignite and combust.

The smoke point of commonly used cooking oils can be seen in the poorly formatted table below, with a more complete listing found here.










Extra Virgin Olive









For reference, the auto-ignition point of diesel is 210°C (410°F).

From the chart, it’s clear that peanut oil is the most badass cooking oil available – it can handle cooking to the max. Unfortunately, not everyone can bear the badassery of peanut oil, let alone the entire peanut itself. Those who suffer from peanut allergies may settle for something milder, such as the mother Mary of cooking oil, extra virgin olive (or if you’re naughty, Canola oil, the politically correct name for Rapeseed.)

Personally, I don’t use any oil at all. Instead, two slices of bacon are fired up, coating my pan with a layer of delicious. Try it – you won’t regret it!

Persistance and Apples

Everyday for the past week, I’ve been coercing my co-worker to eat an entire apple; the skin, the stem, the core – everything.

Well… today he did it.
Lesson learned: persistence pays off.