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Oh Hallelujah, Our Problems are Solved. We have Banana Bread.

Last weekend, Melissa tried to domesticate me by attempting to teach me how to bake. Unfortunately for her, I quickly surpassed her culinary skills and, the padawan became the master.

We started off with Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

20090322-009It was pretty damn good… But being the lazy people we were, we spent the rest of the night watching TV.

For breakfast we made banana bread – the best bread since sliced bread. This is where I invented the most efficient way for mashing a banana.

Melissa bet I couldn’t crack an egg with one hand… pffft.

Tiger became really curious and/or needed attention, and decided he wanted to be apart of the team too.

20090322-038Instead, he became part of the bread.

20090322-0681Next we decided to make apple crumble… which also turned out damn delicious.


20090322-075Teddy approves.


At the end of the day… I’m almost Pro at Cooking.