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The Wikipedia Game

Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world, can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.

– Michael Scott

Wikipedia is a great source for quick information. It is also a great form of entertainment. Whether it may be looking up naughty articles, or learning about practically anything, Wikipedia is a source of knowledge that can be abused by anybody.

A friend introduced me to the Wikipedia Game yesterday. You start from a random article, and try to get to another random article by only clicking the links on each page. For example, to get from White House to Smarties, the progression was:

White House
Red Room
State Dining Room
Candy Bar
List of Nestle Brands

My friend further challenged me to get from “Carbon Nanotube” to “Hippopotamus”

Carbon nanotube
Fatty acid
Risk factor

A hard one was getting from “Lamborghini Diablo” to “Whiteboard

Lamborghini Diablo
Manual Transmission
Learning Curve
Interactive whiteboard

I think we might have found an impossible one…

I’m currently stuck getting from “Volcano” to “Snowboarding Pants”. I’ve done my due diligence by exploring the links to mountains, snowboarding, and even snowboarding brands.

If you can find the trail, let me know!


KBBQ – The “K” Stands For “Kidney Failure”

After a 16 hour day at CUTC, the staff and I were ready to hit the sack to recharge for the next day. Then someone suggested the $8.99 late night special at Korean Grill House. Everyone was tired, but who could resist copious amounts of Korean barbecued meat? Certainly not I… and about 16 others.

After our late night snack, I mentioned to a friend how my nephrons were going to take a beating that night. My friend replied, “Yeah, you’re probably going to be pissing brown in the morning.” Since my friend is in medical school, I can safely assume “pissing brown” is, in fact, a technical term commonly used by doctors and medical professionals alike.

That got me wondering… how much meat is too much?

The average American requires 0.8 – 1.0 grams of protein for every kilogram they weigh. I weigh 63.6kg (140lbs) which works out to 50.9 – 63.6 grams of protein per day. Keep in mind this was calculated based on a sluggish life style. My recommend protein intake for an active lifestyle increases to 89g for endurance training, and 128g for resistance training.

A quick internet search reveals your primary meats (beef, chicken, pork) contain about 20 – 35g of protein per 100g. Okay… so I’m pretty sure I ate about 1.5kg of meat that day… if not more… Based on a conservative estimate of 25g of protein/100g, I would have consumed about 375 grams of protein that night… about 7x my recommended intake.


So what happens when you OD on protein?

  • You become easily tired, as protein takes a lot of your bodily resources to digest. This is what the Atkins diet is based on: attempting to make it harder for your body to access the  calories normally obtained from carbohydrates.
  • Your liver and kidneys are strained from breaking down extra protein into nitrogen. This may lead to kidney stones, and other related medical conditions.
  • Your intestines are made primarily for digesting starches. Traces of meat adhere to the lining of your intestines which over time may lead to appendicitis, colon cancer, etc. (This is why you need to eat fiber, which acts as roughage for your digestive system)
  • A lot more.

So am I dying?

Maybe. Most of these negative effects occur over an extended period of time. Of course, I’m pretty sure I consume more than the recommended daily intake of protein anyways… But I’m not a doctor – even if I was, I’d be too busy writing fancy medical journal articles such as “Pissing Brown and Other Colours That Shouldn’t Be Coming From Your Wang”


I’ll just detox with three meals of salad and fruit after each meal I pretend to be a man eating dinosaur.

Cosmetic Engineering

I was an organizer for the 2009 Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference which showcases and explores many cutting-edge technologies and scientific areas of growth. One of the seminars I attended discussed nanotechnology, focusing on the self replication aspects, and uses as a chemical vector to treat illnesses.

However, what really caught my attention was the application of nanotech in everyday cosmetics. Highly engineered materials are holding eyelashes, and adding colour (and whatever else makeup is used for) of the many, many attractive women I interact with in my everyday life (many). Have you ever wondered how some products give you 10x the lashes versus their leading competitors? The answer lies in good engineering… and nano-tubes, amphilic compounds, and a hilarious amount of other chemicals.

An example of nanotech in makeup, the infamous buckyball makes an appearance in recent facial creams. Its properties include deflecting UV rays (an invisible spectrum of sunlight which causes skin cancer – making you ugly) and absorbing free radicals (molecules which are highly reactive causing damage to organisms – making you ugly) which are harnessed to create a state-of-the-art product.

So who are the best cosmetic engineers?

European and American brands such as MAC and Revlon, are among the most well known, however, these companies invest millions towards marketing to the masses, and pulling in celebrity endorsements. Even with a large budget for clinical research, the turn around time to leverage new technologies may be much slower for large caps due to the red-tape chaos of large organizations and their investors. These companies are also run as corporations, where cost cutting is the norm.

I’m not saying these companies don’t make good cosmetics, but take a look at some Japanese products. Many of these companies concentrate on research and development, letting their products speak for themselves. The Japanese are also highly focused on innovation, and technology, not to mention their efforts in health and environment. They’ve taken over the electronic and automobile industries in the past, and it looks like the cosmetic market may be a new area to watch for Japanese dominance.

Check out the brands Ayura, Gatsby, Kanebo, Lunasol, RMK, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, and SUQQU to name a few.

Commute Time

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed each job I have taken has been getting closer and closer to where I live.

My first job at Scotiabank required me to commute all the way downtown during winter. If you live near or around Leslie St, you may know how infrequently that bus comes. Potentially, this commute could take well over an hour in bad weather conditions.

Next, was Quest Software. Still downtown, but I took up this position in the summer, when everything generally moved quicker. I was looking at about a 45min commute.

Getting to BC Transmission in Vancouver took me an average of 30min door to door. This worked out great, giving me much more time to enjoy the beautiful west coast summer.

To get to Research In Motion, it takes me 10 minutes flat from my bed to my chair. Walking. Over the course of a week, this saves me almost 10 hours travel time versus commuting downtown in Toronto. Having this extra free time is extremely convenient. It takes out the stress, boredom, and general waste of time that is commuting.

This is a post for future Kevin: Live less than 30 min away from work.

Aoki In The House

aoki ticket

Two days after Steve Aoki’s concert at Starlight, I’ve finally recovered. I have full hearing in both ears again, and am mentally functional at work. The concert was epic, to say the least… Although I wish I could say the same about the crowd. There were a surprising number bleach blonde girls in stilettos and short skirts moshing with their hollister wearing boyfriends… Then again, the venue was close to Wilfred Laurier, and I doubt Waterloo is known for their hipster scene.

Before the show started, I downed a couple of watered down drinks, and managed to grab a limited edition LEGENDARY BOYS NOIZE SKULL TEE

I have Aoki’s album, and have heard a lot of his work on air, but seeing him live was out of this world. After working my way onto the sound stage, slipping past the velvet rope and bouncers, I saw the magic from Aoki’s perspective. The crowds, the endless bottles of grey goose, the energy. I don’t think DJs usually chug half a bottle of vodka before diving into the crowd. I found a clip from Celebrities Nightclub, Vancouver.

His next Toronto stop is April 9, 2009 along with MSTRKRFT, Crookers, and The Bloody Beetroots at The Guvernment. Definitely worth seeing again.

Heads up, Daft Punk in 2010.


Random Tweets

I’ve got a few things lined up for today.

  1. Steve Aoki Concert @ Starlight
  2. PDEng group assignment is due
  3. My package from Amazon is supposed to come in today. (It should have been here last Friday.)

I don’t have a twitter account, but if I did, today would probably have the following tweets:

8:50    Slept through my alarm clock =[

9:15     It’s freaking cold outside…


10:30  WTF my shipment from Amazon still isn’t here

11:00  I’m hungry

12:00  I probably shouldn’t have eaten my lunch at 11… Now I have nothing to do.


2:00   2pm – 3pm is the worst part of a work day… It’s right after lunch, and you don’t feel productive at all

2:05    lalalalala

2:20    Round trip to vancouver is only $390 if I take two red-eyes!


2:31     F*** YOU AMAZON.

2:35     I wish Amazon would die.

2:40    Almost 3pm!

2:45     15 min until 3!

2:55     Why isn’t it 3 yet?

3:00    Only 2 hours ’till I get off work!

5:10     Napping – dnd till 7

7:30    My group better have submitted PDEng by now…

9:00    STEVE AOKI IN 60 MIN! Meeting up w/ Mel now, then heading to starlight.

10:15  Steve Aoki looks like a woman from far away…

12:15  I can’t find Mel…  Also, I can’t find my left shoe… I hope I can find my shoe…

1:45    Found my shoe!

2:30   Best. Night. Ever.

2:45   Going to sleep. I’m going to need 15 cups of coffee tomorrow.. ughh…

2:46   Where’s Melissa?

Tofino –> Tofino

I’ve been in the talks with my friend Louie about doing a massive road around Canada and the US. The west coast checkpoint would be Tofino, BC, with stops in all the southern Canadian and northern US major cities and capitals. The entire trip will probably last about a month.

Of course, we haven’t really established anything yet… except a tentative date of summer, 2012… and we’ve started our massive road trip playlist. Knowing how we roll, we’ll be winging a lot of this trip, which we find adds to the excitement, and fun of everything.

Anyone else interested?

You would probably need:

  • G drivers license
  • Passport
  • A car would be nice
  • Up for doing about anything.. ANYTHING.
  • At least $1500- $2000 saved up for the trip.
  • GPS

If anyone has any input for stops and locations, let me know.