Copping on the Grey Market

I’m surprised how uncomfortable the majority of my friends are with dealing on the grey market. It’s a really good place to find bargains for items which are otherwise ludicrously expensive at retail. My trades over the past four months are detailed in the table below.

Item Purchase Price
Price Sold
Market Value4
Call of Duty 51 $40 $68
Metal Gear Solid 4 $40 $35 $68
Nintendo DS+R42 $208 $140 $208
Planet Earth (new) $40 $80
DualShock 3 (new) $40 $62
Folklore $40 $40 $68
Killzone 23 (new) $50 $80
Street Fighter IV $50 $80
Totals $468 $255 $714


  1. I got CoD5 free during a Christmas promo when I purchased my PS3
  2. I bought my NDS + R4 two years ago at full retail price, and decided I didn’t use it enough. Thus I sold it before the DSi rendered my unit obsolete
  3. Killzone 2 was pre-ordered on amazon – not really grey market, but it was well under MSRP
  4. Market Value includes taxes

As can be seen, I’ve been able to obtain items for a minimum 35% off retail prices. I’ve also managed to re-coup most of my expenditures through re-selling items I have lost interest in. My highest loss was my NDS, sold at 67% of it’s initial value. However, considering how infrequently i used it + 2 years depreciation + new model being launched… that’s not a bad price to let it go.

My latest victory purchase has been SFIV. Retails for $69.99 + taxes at most brick & mortar stores. The game has actually been out of stock for the ps3 since it’s release last month due to it’s extremely high demand. Copped it for $50 – perfect condition.

Of course, there are scammers out there, so it’s best to use common sense when dealing through Craigslist and Kijiji. If you don’t know your product, don’t buy it grey. If you don’t know how to deal with strangers, don’t buy it grey.

I may come back to this topic sometime later regarding how to avoid being an ass-hat when trading on the grey market.


Why I <3 John Mayer

Because he does hip hop too.

Now go back and listen to Daughters, bitches.

All I Do Is Party, High, High, High, High

Decadence 2009 @ The Guvernment/Kool Haus

The Bloody Beetroots
Steve Aoki

9pm – 7am: One hell of an epic party.




I thought Aoki @ Starlight was good. He completely out-did himself at the Kool Haus.

Toronto’s first big electro party – I’m hoping it will be the first of many.

To end off… they spun this track in some form at least 6 times that night… dang hipsters love their WOOT WOOTS!

I’m not dead.

I’m busy processing pictures and such of my long weekend, and will post something more substantial later today… Possibly…

The reason for my long absence can be blamed on Killzone 2 again…killzone valor

That’s right. I’m top 1%, bitches. SUCK IT, ADAM.

Now to get on with my normal life….

Oh Hallelujah, Our Problems are Solved. We have Banana Bread.

Last weekend, Melissa tried to domesticate me by attempting to teach me how to bake. Unfortunately for her, I quickly surpassed her culinary skills and, the padawan became the master.

We started off with Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

20090322-009It was pretty damn good… But being the lazy people we were, we spent the rest of the night watching TV.

For breakfast we made banana bread – the best bread since sliced bread. This is where I invented the most efficient way for mashing a banana.

Melissa bet I couldn’t crack an egg with one hand… pffft.

Tiger became really curious and/or needed attention, and decided he wanted to be apart of the team too.

20090322-038Instead, he became part of the bread.

20090322-0681Next we decided to make apple crumble… which also turned out damn delicious.


20090322-075Teddy approves.


At the end of the day… I’m almost Pro at Cooking.

Brigadier General

For those wondering where I’ve been the past week…


I’ve been playing Killzone 2 a lot…


The Very Hungry George Dubya

Today is the first day of spring! To commemorate this monumentous occasion, Google has modified their logo.

Today, the Very Hungry Caterpillar is featured. If you haven’t read this book, I think it’s safe to assume you experienced an extremely saddening childhood. One without many other kindergarten joys such as eating Green Eggs and Ham, or finding out Where the Wild Things Are.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been loved by children since it was first published in 1969. The book has even been cited as George W. Bush’s favourite book while growing up. Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, he was in his early 20’s when the book was published.

Perhaps there was some sort of miscommunication when he was asked. Perhaps George thought the question was “What’s your favourite childrens’ book?”, instead of “What’s your favourite childhood book?”

Either way: hilarious.